A man says he has faked traffic jams in Google Maps with the help of 99 phones and a little red wagon..

Google maps every time try to show you the best routes with fewer traffic jams. what if Google can be tricked by some mobile phones and a wagon which was carrying it.

This was done by Berlin-based artist Simon weckert.he posted a video on youtube ,in the video, we can see Simon carrying a wagon consisting some mobile phones.

Generally, Google shows where traffic jams are by pulling anonymized location data from phones running the Maps app. If there are a lot of phones on a road and they are moving slowly, Maps will show a traffic jam on that road. Lots of devices running Maps in the same spot is considered “proof” of a traffic jam.

It makes you wonder if Maps could be tricked in other ways, though. If a single person can fool Maps with a bunch of phones in a wagon, could others trick Google into creating actual traffic jams by using fake ones to re-route traffic?

Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but maybe Google will someday find a way to not show spoofed traffic jams like the ones set up in Weckert’s video.

watch the video “HERE”