What is IoT??

Do you forgot to turn off t.v, or to close doors. don’t worry, IoT will do it for you

” What is IoT ??”

we are not going for technical definition of IoT

we are moving towards a smart world so we need smart solution for our habitual problems.
and now we have smart watch, T.V, refrigerator and many more things and connecting these things
altogether is our need. Linking these smart things by virtue of internet is collectively called “IoT”.

How it work?

IoT incorporate of gadgets which are operated by internet and needs an common operator. It may be a
smartphone or remote control.
It is consist of sensors which gives automatic signal to system. for example, whenever you aren’t
at home, it will automatically close the window.

Future of IoT

IoT is going to be most hottest trend as innumerable people are shifting towards smart gadgets.
According to a survey it is estimated that there will be 21 billion device connected to the internet.
this will bring a lot of job in IoT. Also this will increase demand of more cyber security specialist


Dark side of IoT.

IoT will be a threat to our privacy and it might be easy for hackers to access control of device connected
to internet which can directly affect our security. But at the same time it will provide job to more
cyber security specialist.